Soil and location are the most important aspects of growing a garden. Till the soil until it is loose and drains water easily, and choose a location with full sun to encourage plants to produce an abundant harvest. Choosing hardy plants is also recommended for first-time gardeners who want a steady supply of vegetables and herbs without a lot of maintenance.



Tomatoes are a year-round staple that can withstand a variety of growing conditions, but tomatoes thrive in locations with full sun and moist, well-drained soil. Tomatoes do need support to withstand the weight of the fruit. Grow tomatoes on a trellis, or tie the stalks to a stake, to prevent the stalk from breaking as fruit develops in mid- to late summer.


Lettuce and Baby Greens

For a no-hassle way to grow baby green, plant seeds like spinach and lettuce in a clear, plastic container that has a lid. Place the container in a warm, sunny area indoors to enjoy baby greens in just three weeks.

For a steady supply of lettuce and greens throughout the summer, plant early in spring, and harvest plants regularly as they mature. After harvesting, replant the crops as needed to maintain a fresh supply through the growing season.



Radishes thrive in a variety of soil types and are ready to eat in just 20 days. Plant radishes in full sun after the threat of frost has passed. Wait until the radishes are about one inch in diameter to harvest them.



Peppers are compact plants that are perfect for a container garden. Keep the soil well-drained, and place the containers in full sun after the last frost of the season. Opt for several varieties of both sweet and hot peppers to enjoy a colorful, and tasty, harvest.



Cucumbers are a fast-growing option that is ready for harvest in just 30 to 40 days.Like tomatoes, cucumbers need support to grow. Plant cucumbers by a trellis or a fence located away from the road, and opt for a location with plenty of suns and moist soil for the best harvest.

Growing a garden is simple when you choose low-maintenance plants. Ask local greenhouse owners for recommendations, or stick to basics like cucumbers, tomatoes, and radishes to enjoy fresh produce throughout the summer months.