If you are new to gardening or you just like a garden that is easy to maintain, consider planting flowers that do not need much maintenance. Whether they are perennials or annuals, plants that can “stand on their own” are always valuable to not only the gardener but the plant itself.


  1. Peonies

These are very easy perennials that have a beautiful, bright flower to show for it. They are quite popular and simple to grow. The reason why they are easy to grow is that they can thrive in almost every climate. It has also been said that they can live and rebloom for decades if properly taken care of.


  1. Lavender

Experts easily call this plant “indestructible”. It is relatively cheap to purchase and gives your garden a lovely aroma. The purple flower is gathered together in a bush-like fashion and is hard to kill. They grow quick and think and are also overall, deer-resistant.


  1. Snapdragon

They are yellow and intricate flowers with long stems. The bright flowers are eye-catching and flourish in either cool and hot temperatures. Snapdragon has a wildflower feel to it and creates a very natural feel for any garden, even though they are annuals.


  1. Caladium

Even with no blooming flower, Caladium is a great plant with vibrant, giant leaves that really adds diversity to a garden. This plant also adds a tropical feel to a garden with their heart-shaped leaves. They do best in a shady area but can also perform well in a little bit of sun.


  1. Black Eyed Susan

These flowers bloom from July through September and even further. These Black Eyed Susans also are self-seeding perennials are easy to see rebloom the following year. Their bright yellow petals and brown center can make a garden look full and bright.


  1. Daylily

These are easy and full plants that are beautiful and easy to break up. You can create a wonderful collection of colors and shapes by putting new daylilies in your garden.


  1. Spiraea

Spiraea has tiny cascading summer blossoms. They give off a sense of a floral waterfall. There are also helpful to fill landscapes all year round.