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Piet Casier How To Use Compost In Your Garden

How To Use Compost in Your Garden

Compost has been made and used across the globe for thousands of years. Dead materials in a compost heap or bin transform into substances that nourish new life. Compost is like “black gold” to experienced gardeners. There are many ways to use compost in your own garden, but first, let’s talk about how compost benefits […]


The Easiest Flowers to Put in Your Garden

If you are new to gardening or you just like a garden that is easy to maintain, consider planting flowers that do not need much maintenance. Whether they are perennials or annuals, plants that can “stand on their own” are always valuable to not only the gardener but the plant itself.   Peonies These are […]


Top Crops to Choose for A Low Maintenance, High Yield Garden

Soil and location are the most important aspects of growing a garden. Till the soil until it is loose and drains water easily, and choose a location with full sun to encourage plants to produce an abundant harvest. Choosing hardy plants is also recommended for first-time gardeners who want a steady supply of vegetables and […]

Tips for Making Sure Your Plants are Pets Safe - Piet Casier

Tips for Making Sure Your Plants are Pets Safe

It is important to first plan and think things out when gardening or working with plants. If animals will be around the garden or the plants in or around the home, it is very important to make sure that they are safe and pet-friendly. There are a few different ways to do this. Some of […]

How To Set Up A Garden If You Live In A City - Piet Casier

How To Set Up A Garden If You Live In A City

A good number of people live in the city and just like most people, they would love to grow their own garden. Most people prefer to grow their own herbs, vegetables and their favorite flowers. However, many city dwellers feel it is not feasible because either they live in a high rise, apartment with no […]

4 Tips to Giving Your Garden an Upgrade - Piet Casier

4 Tips to Giving Your Garden an Upgrade

As warm weather approaches, outdoor spaces get more use than in the winter months. From casual weekends at home with the family to BBQ’s with friends the yard and garden will be focal points. For those that have a garden, or are looking to start a new one, there are some simple ways to spruce […]

Gardening_ A Beginner's Guide - Piet Casier

Gardening: A Beginner’s Guide

Are you new to gardening and aren’t quite sure where to begin? You are not alone. Gardening has been a popular hobby valued by many but the recent demand for eco-friendly living is continuing to boost its popularity among the masses. Here are some tips to start you off on your gardening journey. Garden type […]

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