Gardening is a great hobby that provides rewarding satisfaction to those who enjoy it. It is also a way of life for some people who earn their living from the products that they grow. Some people are reluctant to try gardening because they fear they do not have a green thumb. Then there are people who do not like the work that is involved. There is a way to get beautiful, delicious, home grown vegetables without going outside to make a garden. Using a window box is an exceptional way to grow vegetables right outside a window, or on a porch.

A window box can be used to grow many of the family favorites. The one thing that may be problematic is water. After determining how to keep it watered, and when to water, the rest is easy. All vegetables are not suitable for growing in a window. Usually most leafy veggies do well in the non traditional garden. Some that have been proven to work in the small container are veggies like:

1. carrots
2. spinach
3. lettuce
4. radish
5. bush beans

There are others, but these veggies are ideal if the gardener is a beginner. They do not require much maintenance, and the soil content in the box does not have to be soggy at all times. Often times, tomatoes can be grown by this method providing they are not the type that grows very tall. Peppers are also a good choice to grow in a box on the window ledge, or on the porch.

Growing items in a box on a window ledge or a porch does not have to be limited to veggies, or flowers. Many herbs can be grown in this manner. Imagine an herb garden filled with all of the expensive herbs that are used by fabulous cooks. Stay tuned for more information on easy herbs you can grow in your window box.