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Potting Soil Should You Buy Organic | Piet Casier

Potting Soil: Should You Buy Organic?

Despite how well you care for your garden, how often you water, and what plants you choose to grow, if you don’t have the right soil, then all of your hard work could be for nothing. But it can often be difficult to decide what kind of soil is best: organic or non-organic.

Plants That Produce The Most Oxygen Piet Casier

Plants that Produce the Most Oxygen

There are various methods used by humans to increasing the air quality of an environment. A natural method for increasing oxygen in an environment is through the use of plants.

How To Protect Your Garden From Hungry Wildlife | Piet Casier

How to Protect Your Garden from Hungry Wildlife

With all the care, attention, and hard work you put into keeping your garden looking beautiful, green, and healthy, the last thing you want is for wild, hungry critters to come and destroy all of your well-loved plants and flowers.

Everything You Wanted To Know About Growing Lavender By Piet Casier

Everything You Wanted to Know about Growing Lavender

Growing lavender is a great choice because it has a variety of uses. As with any plant, there are certain conditions under which lavender grows best.

Best Gardening Books For Beginners By Piet Casier

Best Gardening Books for Beginners

If you’re a novice gardener who loves to read, you should keep your eye out for these books if you want to learn from the experts.

Pretty Garden Plants With A Foul Smell By Piet Casier

Pretty Garden Plants with a Foul Smell

If you’re considering adding some new botanical beauties to your home garden, the plants below will prove to be more beast than beauty when it comes to your sense of smell.

How To Protect Your Hands And Body When Gardening By Piet Casier

How to Protect Your Hands and Body When Gardening

While gardening has a low risk of injury when compared to other outdoor activities, hand injuries are relatively common among gardeners, as are some other ailments.

When to Plant Your Fall Vegetables in Sweden by Piet Casier

When to Plant Your Fall Vegetables in Sweden

Gardening is a great hobby. Here is when you should plant your vegetables in Sweden for optimal growth.

Best Drought-Resistant Plants for dry climates by Piet Casier

Best Drought-Resistant Plants for Dry Climates

Some plants have evolved to survive in extremely dry weather, especially during droughts. Here are a few drought-resistant plants.

Plants Every Chef Should Have in Their Garden by Piet Casier

Plants Every Chef Should Have in Their Garden

No matter what flavors the household prefers, there are certain plants that are at home in every chef’s backyard cornucopia (or rooftop garden, in some cases). Here’s a list of some of the most solid players.

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