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When to Plant Your Fall Vegetables in Sweden by Piet Casier

When to Plant Your Fall Vegetables in Sweden

Gardening is a great hobby. Here is when you should plant your vegetables in Sweden for optimal growth.

Best Drought-Resistant Plants for dry climates by Piet Casier

Best Drought-Resistant Plants for Dry Climates

Some plants have evolved to survive in extremely dry weather, especially during droughts. Here are a few drought-resistant plants.

Plants Every Chef Should Have in Their Garden by Piet Casier

Plants Every Chef Should Have in Their Garden

No matter what flavors the household prefers, there are certain plants that are at home in every chef’s backyard cornucopia (or rooftop garden, in some cases). Here’s a list of some of the most solid players.

Piet Casier Benefits of Household Plants

Health Benefits of Household Plants

A fake plant hanging on your wall doesn’t have nearly as many benefits as a real plant, mentally or physically. Here are some major health benefits linked to indoor plants.

Piet Casier Natural Pools with Plants

Want a Pool? Hate Chemicals? Plants are the Answer

A natural swimming pool filters water via plants instead of manufactured materials and chemicals. They are growing in popularity for all the right reasons. Click here to read about the benefits.


How to Prep Your Garden for Spring

Spring has finally arrived, and it’s time to prepare your garden for spring planting. It may seem like hard work, but proper preparation can help your plants thrive this season.   Acquire summer-flowering plants Before you pick up any plant you can get your hands on, make sure that plant is in season. In the spring, […]

Why You Should Build Your Own Greenhouse by Piet Casier

Why You Should Build Your Own Greenhouse

Greenhouses offer numerous benefits that you’ll always be thankful for. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned gardener, your own greenhouse can open the doors to so many possibilities. Consistency Depending where you live, your gardening options might be limited throughout the year. With a greenhouse, your precious plants can avoid excessive rain, extreme temperatures […]

Piet Casier How To Use Compost In Your Garden

How To Use Compost in Your Garden

Compost has been made and used across the globe for thousands of years. Dead materials in a compost heap or bin transform into substances that nourish new life. Compost is like “black gold” to experienced gardeners. There are many ways to use compost in your own garden, but first, let’s talk about how compost benefits […]

4 Reasons You Should Grow Your Own Herbs - Piet Casier

4 Reasons You Should Grow Your Own Herbs

Many people go to the grocery store with a long list of items they intend to buy. Typically among those items are herbs– even though herbs can easily be grown at home! Rather than buying herbs at the grocery store, the benefits of growing herbs at home will surprise you. Herb gardening is so much […]

4 Mistakes All Beginning Succulent Gardeners Make - Piet Casier

4 Mistakes All Beginning Succulent Gardeners Make

They say that succulents are the easiest plants to keep alive. For gardeners with a green thumb to anyone looking to brighten their home with a little greenery, succulents are becoming a more popular plant choice. These thick-fleshed, water preserving plants have the ability to survive in diverse ecosystems with limited water sources– this means […]

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