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Piet Casier How To Use Compost In Your Garden

How To Use Compost in Your Garden

Compost has been made and used across the globe for thousands of years. Dead materials in a compost heap or bin transform into substances that nourish new life. Compost is like “black gold” to experienced gardeners. There are many ways to use compost in your own garden, but first, let’s talk about how compost benefits […]


The Power of Plant Bulbs

Rather than buying a grown plant or raising a flower from a seed, bulbs are a great way to get colorful flowers in your garden this spring. Overall, bulbs are pretty self-reliant in the garden once they are planted. Once they are put in their appropriate spot, they normally rebloom for years after being planted. […]


The Easiest Flowers to Put in Your Garden

If you are new to gardening or you just like a garden that is easy to maintain, consider planting flowers that do not need much maintenance. Whether they are perennials or annuals, plants that can “stand on their own” are always valuable to not only the gardener but the plant itself.   Peonies These are […]


How to Naturally Rid Pests From Your Garden

Bugs and other pests are a natural part of the gardening process. There are plenty of pesticides that rid gardens of harmful bugs that eat away your crop for the season. Chemicals and other ingredients can be harmful to consume once you have sprayed your garden with certain pesticides. There are a few ways to […]


Annuals & Perennials – The Differences

Different flowers have different life cycles. Seasons and a flower’s ability to rebloom should all be taken into consideration when planting flowers. A flower’s life cycle takes into consideration the amount of time it takes a plant to grow from a seed to bearing its own seeds. In regards to annual plants, their life cycle […]


Top Crops to Choose for A Low Maintenance, High Yield Garden

Soil and location are the most important aspects of growing a garden. Till the soil until it is loose and drains water easily, and choose a location with full sun to encourage plants to produce an abundant harvest. Choosing hardy plants is also recommended for first-time gardeners who want a steady supply of vegetables and […]


Canning is an Excellent Way to Preserve Your Produce

Growing your own produce can be a great and very rewarding hobby. Also, growing your own produce is often less expensive than buying produce from the store. In the long run, it can save you a lot of time and money if you execute it properly. You should ensure that you do the proper research […]

4 Reasons You Should Grow Your Own Herbs - Piet Casier

4 Reasons You Should Grow Your Own Herbs

Many people go to the grocery store with a long list of items they intend to buy. Typically among those items are herbs– even though herbs can easily be grown at home! Rather than buying herbs at the grocery store, the benefits of growing herbs at home will surprise you. Herb gardening is so much […]

4 Mistakes All Beginning Succulent Gardeners Make - Piet Casier

4 Mistakes All Beginning Succulent Gardeners Make

They say that succulents are the easiest plants to keep alive. For gardeners with a green thumb to anyone looking to brighten their home with a little greenery, succulents are becoming a more popular plant choice. These thick-fleshed, water preserving plants have the ability to survive in diverse ecosystems with limited water sources– this means […]

Seedbox_ What You Need to Build a Garden - Piet Casier

Seedbox: What You Need to Build a Garden

Seedboxes have recently increased in popularity. These boxes are small, flat containers that you can fill with dirt and then use to grow plants of your choice. In urban areas, it’s particularly popular to create seedboxes and grow some of your own food, such as vegetables or herbs. Creating a seedbox can be low cost […]

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