Many people go to the grocery store with a long list of items they intend to buy. Typically among those items are herbs– even though herbs can easily be grown at home! Rather than buying herbs at the grocery store, the benefits of growing herbs at home will surprise you. Herb gardening is so much easier than it sounds and brings more benefits than you may think.

Saving Money

When you think about buying groceries, you think of a standard price point. But what’s behind that pricing? Grocery stores have to account for making, packaging, and shipping the product. If you make the product yourself, there’s no extra charge. You can grow an herb garden in your backyard and save on all of those additional prices. On top of that, you’ll always have fresh herbs available at your convenience right when you need them.

Great for Cooking

Say goodbye to boring dinners and spice things up by adding fresh herbs to your meal! The internet has endless recipes using fresh herbs from your garden. You’ll be surprised how much better your meals taste when you add simple herbs to commonly cooked recipes such as chicken or even potatoes.

Health Benefits

Gardening is an exercise in itself. Hobbyist gardeners spend anywhere from 15 minutes to over an hour in the garden depending upon what and how much they are growing. Gardening is a great excuse for exercise. From bending over and standing up regularly, to digging, planting, and pulling– you can give your body a full workout just from gardening.

Additionally, having a hobby such as gardening is a great, natural stress reliever. Lavender, rosemary, eucalyptus and so many other herbs give off scents that can have calming effects. Every time you see a lavender herb, rub your hand on its leaves and then smell your hand. You’ll love how each herb naturally smells in your garden.

Gaining Variety

Not every herb is available at the grocery store. When you grow your own herbs, you open up a world of variety right in your backyard. There are so many more types of basil you can grow than are sold at grocery stores. Although basil is just one example, many herbs have varieties.

You may think that growing your own herbs will take up a lot of your time and get dirt under your fingernails. While gardening does require some attention, herb gardens are some of the easiest gardens to care for. With all the benefits of herb gardening, it’s an easy choice to say goodbye to grocery store herbs and start growing your own at home!