Piet Casier first became interested in gardening while visiting Ramona, California. Each morning the sprinklers wet the plants and shrubs outside of Piet’s window. One day, though, Piet noticed that many of the plants were dying because they received too much water. This discovery prompted Piet to take action and help the plants. From that moment on, Piet became more interested in plants and gardening techniques.

When it comes to favorite plants, Piet Caiser prefers ones that survive in a drought. Plants that require a lot of water and attention in order to survive can be difficult to maintain. One year Piet noticed that his garden wasn’t doing so well. Many of the plants died in one specific area. Upon closer inspection, Piet discovered that one of the irrigation system’s valves had malfunctioned. The only plants that survived were drought resistant. From this point on, Piet focused his gardening efforts on drought-resistant plants so that he could worry less about his plants dying from lack of water.

Patience is very important to being a successful gardener. Plants grow slowly and need daily care to thrive. If you don’t have patience, you will probably have a difficult time getting involved with gardening. Piet Casier’s favorite aspect of gardening is spending time outside and using his body. It may not seem like it, but gardening is a great workout.

Music is another hobby that Piet Casier enjoys. During college, Piet sang in the university choir. In fact, this is how he met his wife. After graduating from college, Piet and his wife, Leen, continued to sing in choirs. Piet also plays the piano. While he doesn’t play that much today, during the 1990s, he played as often as he could. Playing an instrument and creating music is another way to communicate with people, and Piet finds it fascinating. In recent years Piet and his wife have started to sing in choirs again. Singing with a large group of people is a wonderful experience that never fails to energize Piet.

Professional Overview

Piet Casier has worked in the medical field for over thirty years. Early on in his career as a general practitioner, Piet realized the significant role that the mind plays in every illness. As a result of this realization, he decided to pursue psychiatry. Piet’s insight into the psychologic and psychiatric aspects of medical issues make it possible for him to provide better care to his patients.